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Valley of the wolves iraq kurtlar vadisi irak

Valley of the wolves iraq kurtlar vadisi irak

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Theatrical release posterDirected bySerdar AkarSadullah SenturkProduced byRaci SasmazWritten byKral RaciBahad?r OzdenerSoner Yalcin (concept creator)StarringNecati SasmazAbdikariim TahliilBilly ZaneGhassan MassoudGary BuseyDiego SerranoGurkan UygunBerguzar KorelMusic byGokhan K?rdarDistributed byPana Film Running time122 min.CountryTurkeyLanguageTurkishEnglishArabicGermanKurdishBudget$14,000,000Box office$27,900,000Valley of the Wolves: Iraq ( Turkish: Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak) is a 2006 Turkish action film directed by Serdar Akar and starring Necati Sasmaz, Billy Zane and Ghassan Massoud.

The story concerns a Turkish commando team which goes to Iraq to track down the US military commander responsible for the Hood event.The film is set during the occupation of Iraq and includes references to other real events such as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on February�3,�2006 ( 2006-02-03), was the highest-grossing Turkish films of 2006 and is one of the most expensive Turkish films ever made.It is part of the Valley of the Wolves media franchise, based on the Turkish television series of the same name, and was followed by Valley of the Wolves: Gladio (2008) and Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (2010).

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]Filmed with a budget of $14 million, this was the most expensive Turkish film ever made at the time of its release before being surpassed by A.R.O.G. [4] The film grossed $27.9 million at the box office � $25.1 million in Turkey and valley of the wolves iraq kurtlar vadisi irak million in Europe.Opinions of the film greatly varied.

While the Wall Street Journal characterized it as "a cross between ' American Psycho' in uniform and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion", [8] Turkey's parliamentary speaker Bulent Arinc described it as "absolutely magnificent". [9] Contents� 1 Background� 2 Plot� 3 Cast� 4 Controversy� 5 Scriptwriter and director point of view� 6 International reception� 6.1 Turkey� 6.2 Germany� 6.3 United States� 7 See also� 8 References� 9 Further reading� 10 External linksBackground [ edit ]The film covers through fiction real-life events like the occupation of Iraq, the execution of Daniel Pearl and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

Nevertheless, the film's primary focus is the Hood event ( Turkish: Cuval Olay?), an incident on July 4, 2003 following the 2003 invasion of Iraq where a group of Turkish military personnel operating in northern Iraq were captured, led away with hoods over their heads, and interrogated by the United States military.The arrest is infamous in Turkey as the so-called "Hood event". The soldiers were led out of their headquarters at gunpoint, with hoods over their heads and subsequently detained for sixty hours before being released, after Turkey protested to the United States.

This was the first time such an incident had taken place between the two NATO allies. [ citation needed] Though neither side ever apologized, a US-Turkish commission set up to investigate the incident later issued a joint statement of regret. [10] In addition, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wrote a letter to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressing sorrow over what had happened.

[11] Many Turks took offense at the incident while it lasted, and after it as well. Plot [ edit ]The film opens with a fictional depiction of a real-life incident, the " Hood event". On July 4, 2003, the Turkish soldiers believe they are having an ordinary visit from their NATO allies, but a sudden change occurs, and 11 allied Turkish special forces soldiers and 13 civilians are arrested by Colonel Sam William Marshall ( Billy Zane), in the northern Iraq town of Sulaymaniyah.

They are forced to wear hoods while in detention, and are released some time later.A Turkish officer named Suleyman Aslan, who was a member of the special forces troops involved in the Hood event, is unable to bear the shame of what happened, and commits suicide.

Before doing so, he writes a letter saying goodbye to his friend, Polat Alemdar ( Necati Sasmaz). Alemdar is a former Turkish intelligence agent who has recently severed links to the government agency for which he worked.

Determined to avenge his friend's humiliation, Alemdar travels to Iraq along with several of his colleagues, seeking vengeance on the American commander whose actions led to Aslan's suicide.At a checkpoint, Alemdar and his team kill three Iraqi Kurdish paramilitary troops called " Peshmerge". They attach explosives to the foundation of a hotel, to which they demand Colonel Sam William Marshall, who was responsible for the hooding incident, come.

When Marshall arrives, Polat wants him to put a sack over his head and to publicly leave the hotel with him, allowing journalists to take photos, taking the same insult he committed to Polat's dead friend. The group threatens to blow up the hotel unless Marshall and some of his men let themselves be led out of the hotel while hooded. Marshall refuses and brings in a group of Iraqi children as human shields. Alemdar gives in and leaves.Marshall raids an Arab wedding on the pretext of hunting "terrorists".

When the usual celebratory gunfire starts, one soldier states: "Now they are shooting, now they are terrorists"; they attack a wedding party, where a small child named Ali sticks a branch up the barrel of one of the soldiers' guns.

At first, the soldier just hushes the boy away; the second time, he opens fire and afterwards looks astonished as he sees the little child dead.

The rest of the soldiers panic and open fire on the wedding guests, beat up the bride, shoot the groom, the guests and children. The survivors are captured and forced into an airtight container truck and sent to Abu Ghraib prison.En route to Abu Ghraib, an American soldier complains that the prisoners might be suffocating in the truck.

One of Marshall's men then fires on the truck, spraying the detainees with bullets. "See, now they won't suffocate to death", he says. When the soldier threatens to report the incident, he is promptly shot. In Abu Ghraib, a group of American soldiers, among them the sole female Westerner in the film (a clear reference to Lynndie England and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal), is making naked human pyramids from those arrested in the wedding, aided by an Arab interpreter. The prisoners are washed with high pressure nozzles in what appears to be cattle stalls.In a later scene, the execution of a Western journalist by Iraqi rebels is about to take place, but the sheikh Abdurrahman Halis Karkuki, who is esteemed by the rebels, prevents it, and offers the journalist the opportunity to kill the rebel who was about to kill him.

The rebel does not resist, but the journalist declines the offer. Thereafter, the bride who survived the earlier massacre, Leyla, wants revenge by becoming a suicide bomber, but is talked out of it by the Sheikh. Leyla hurries to a market to stop her brother-in-law Abu Ali, the father of the child killed at the wedding, from blowing himself up in the place where Col.

Marshall is having a meeting, but she arrives too late. Alemdar and his men, who are there to assassinate Marshall, are led to safety by Leyla.Alemdar and his team then attempt to kill Marshall again by rigging a bomb in a piano (which once belonged to Saddam Hussein) that is being delivered to Marshall as a gift.

The bomb explodes prematurely, and Marshall survives. Alemdar and Leyla then go to a mosque, to meet the sheikh. Marshall tracks them down, however, and a big firefight ensues. The entire village and mosque are destroyed by heavy gunfire. Together they manage to kill Marshall, but Leyla is also killed by Marshall.

Cast [ edit ]� Necati Sasmaz . Polat Alemdar� Billy Zane . Sam William Marshall� Ghassan Massoud . Sheikh Abdurrahman Halis Karkuki� Berguzar Korel .

Leyla� Gurkan Uygun . Memati� Abdikariim Tahliil . Ahmed Taajir� Diego Serrano . Dante� Kenan Coban . Abdulhey� Erhan Ufak . Erhan� Spencer Garrett .Original Title:Kurtlar vadisi - IrakRating:6.0 (12358)MPAA:Not availableDuration:122 minutesRelease Date:2006-01-31Genre:Action, AdventureCast:Necati Sasmaz, Billy Zane, Ghassan Massoud, Gurkan Uygun, Berguzar Korel, Kenan Coban, Erhan Ufak, Diego Serrano, Gary Busey, Spencer Garrett, Tito Ortiz, Nusret Senay, Tayfun Eraslan, Ismet Hurmuzlu, Jay AbdoDirector:Serdar Akar, Sadullah SenturkImdb Link:Valley of the Wolves: IraqLanguage:Arabic,English,Turkish,KurdishCountry:Turkey LinksTorrent NameUploaderDateSizeSeedsPeersDownloadValley of the Wolves: IraqDaur2012-12-19 09:39:141.36 Gigabyte52DownloadValley of the Wolves Iraq (2006) BluRay 720p 900MB Ganool.BONE.2014-02-19 18:56:51899.33 MB53DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.2006.720p.BluRay.x264-D-Z0N3 [PublicHDaoloffline2013-08-30 19:25:314.37 Gigabyte21DownloadValley of the Wolves Iraq [vile Turkish anti-American movie]Kidon012014-07-18 19:13:044.37 Gigabyte21DownloadValley Of The Wolves Iraq DVDRip - 2006samehzone2006-06-20 01:45:241.38 Gigabyte10DownloadKURTLAR.VADISI.IRAK.2006.DVDrip.Swesub-Mr_KeFFSir_TankaLot2011-02-20 19:54:32698.05 MB12DownloadValley of the Wolves Iraq [vile Turkish anti-American/Western moKidon012013-08-20 23:17:141.36 Gigabyte10DownloadKurtlar.Vadisi.Irak.2006.iNTERNAL.BRRip.XviD-XPRESSnicukent2014-06-26 21:01:24694.09 MB10DownloadValley of the Wolves - Iraq xvid mp3 Eng subswankan2006-09-05 16:18:43424.75 MB01DownloadValley of the wolves.2006.DVDrip.Xvid.Swesub.Knuttissh2009-04-12 16:35:39699.72 MB00DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.2006.x264.DTS-WAFsadbawang2010-08-12 11:24:042.06 Gigabyte01DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.2006.x264.DTS-WAFsadbawang2011-08-11 01:08:052.06 Gigabyte01DownloadValley.Of.The.Wolves.2006.SWESUB.AC3.DVDRip.XviD-CrilleKexCrilleKex2011-08-25 14:01:181.35 Gigabyte01DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.BDRip.2006.x264.DTS-WAFR0thschild2013-09-10 18:37:542.05 Gigabyte01 LinksTorrent NameUploaderDateSizeSeedsPeersDownloadValley of the Wolves Iraq (2006) BluRay 720p 900MB Ganool.BONE.2014-02-19 18:56:51899.33 MB53DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.2006.720p.BluRay.x264-D-Z0N3 [PublicHDaoloffline2013-08-30 19:25:314.37 Gigabyte21DownloadKurtlar.Vadisi.Irak.2006.iNTERNAL.BRRip.XviD-XPRESSnicukent2014-06-26 21:01:24694.09 MB10 LinksTorrent NameUploaderDateSizeSeedsPeersDownloadValley Of The Wolves Valley of the wolves iraq kurtlar vadisi irak DVDRip - 2006samehzone2006-06-20 01:45:241.38 Gigabyte10DownloadKURTLAR.VADISI.IRAK.2006.DVDrip.Swesub-Mr_KeFFSir_TankaLot2011-02-20 19:54:32698.05 MB12DownloadValley of the wolves.2006.DVDrip.Xvid.Swesub.Knuttissh2009-04-12 16:35:39699.72 MB00DownloadValley.Of.The.Wolves.2006.SWESUB.AC3.DVDRip.XviD-CrilleKexCrilleKex2011-08-25 14:01:181.35 Gigabyte01 LinksTorrent NameUploaderDateSizeSeedsPeersDownloadValley of the Wolves: IraqDaur2012-12-19 09:39:141.36 Gigabyte52DownloadValley of the Wolves Iraq [vile Turkish anti-American movie]Kidon012014-07-18 19:13:044.37 Gigabyte21DownloadValley of the Wolves Iraq [vile Turkish anti-American/Western moKidon012013-08-20 23:17:141.36 Gigabyte10DownloadValley of the Wolves - Iraq xvid mp3 Eng subswankan2006-09-05 16:18:43424.75 MB01DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.2006.x264.DTS-WAFsadbawang2010-08-12 11:24:042.06 Gigabyte01DownloadValley.of.the.Wolves.Iraq.2006.x264.DTS-WAFsadbawang2011-08-11 01:08:052.06 Gigabyte01 Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006) Keywords Related� explosion� christian� murder� prison� suicide� melodrama� american� wedding� racist� restaurant� bomb� doctor� lie� soldier� jew� massacre� animal in title� anti semitism� child murder� bigotry� racial prejudice� violence� muslim� blood� ignorance� iraq� turkey the country� territory name in title� agent� islam� middle east� turk� terrorism� commando unit� populism� suicide bombing� turkish� artificiality� anti americanism� organ harvesting� trading in organs� abu ghraib� anti kurdish� sensationalist Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006) AKA titles� El valle de los lobos� Farkasok volgye: Irak� Irak, i koilada ton lykon� Iraq, el valle de los lobos� Iraque - O Vale dos Lobos� Kurtlar vadisi - Irak� La vallee des loups - Irak� Tal der Wolfe - Irak� Vale dos Lobos� Valley of the wolves Iraq� Valley of the Wolves: Iraq Search Options�� Any size� Large� Medium� Icon�� Any color� Full color� Black and white� Transparent�� Any type� Face� Photo� Clip art� Line drawing� Animated�� Any time� Past 24 hours� Past week�� Not filtered by license� Labeled for reuse with modification� Labeled for reuse� Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification� Labeled for noncommercial reuseReset tools subscene.comPoster1000 ? 1500 - 419k�-�jpgen.wikipedia.orgValley of the Wolves: Iraq250 ? 315 - 34k�-�jpgplay-asia.comKurtlar Vadisi: Irak / Valley .278 ? 278 - 23k�-�jpgamazon.comKurtlar Vadisi Irak ( Valley of .250 ? 250 - 17k�-�jpgopensubtitles.orgfilm214 ? 317 - 23k�-�

KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK1300 ? 952 - 152k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK1300 ? 952 - 137k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK1300 ? 952 - 158k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK1300 ? 953 - 212k�-�jpgalchetron.comKurtlar Vadisi Irak movie .1024 ? 768 - 210k�-�jpgimfdb.orgValley of the Wolves: Iraq .300 ? 432 - 51k�-�jpgsharethefiles.comWolves.

Iraq.( Kurtlar. Vadisi.640 ? 336 - 29k�-�jpgyoutube.comValley of the Wolves Iraq .600 ? 888 - 90k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK .1300 ? 954 - 113k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK .1300 ? 952 - 149k�-�

KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK1300 ? 951 - 92k�-�jpgsharethefiles.comKurtlar. Vadisi. Irak.DVDRip.640 ? 336 - 31k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK .1300 ? 953 - 152k�-� KURTLAR VADISI - IRAK .640 ? 454 - 62k�-�jpgrottentomatoes.comKurtlar vadisi - Irak ( Valley .300 ? 300 - 17k MOVIES� In Theaters� Showtimes & Tickets� Latest Trailers� Coming Soon� Release Calendar� Top Rated Movies� Top Rated Indian Movies� Most Popular MoviesCHARTS & TRENDS� Box Office� Oscar Winners� Most Popular by Genre TV & VIDEO� IMDb TV� On Tonight� Top Rated TV Shows� Most Popular TV Shows� Watch Now on Amazon� DVD & Blu-RaySPECIAL FEATURES� X-Ray for Movies & TV� IMDb Picks� Scary Good� Amazon Studios� Family Entertainment��Celebs,Events& Photos LATEST HEADLINES� California OKs Law Requiring Removal of Actor Ages by Database Sites8 hours ago� Bill Nunn, �Do the Right Thing� and �Spider-Man� Actor, Dies at 6212 hours ago� Jim Parsons Tops List of Highest Paid TV Actors With $25.5 Million16 hours ago Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept.

26, beginning at 1:20 p.m. ET/10:20 p.m. PT. Make valley of the wolves iraq kurtlar vadisi irak to follow IMDb on Facebook. Send your questions now to #IMDbAskSasha.Follow IMDb on Facebook Iskender Buyuk is accused of treachery and coup, and standing trial at constitutional court.

This story about "GLADIO Organization" is being told from point of view of a deceived insider, and an ex-Special Forces Lt. Iskender Buyuk. A continuation series of Osman Sinav's The Wolves Of The Valley. This produce focuses on politics, National Security and Regional Middle East problems.

The Wolves of The Valley: Ambush . See full summary�� Polat Alemdar and his friends continue to struggle, in the last two seasons against MAFIA, but in this season against the terrorists organizations, in a particular PKK, Kurdish organization. See full summary�� Yusuf Miroglu and his fiancee Zeynep goes to Diyarbakir to attend at the wedding of Cemal, who is his close friend from military service.

Cemal gets killed by mysterious assassination . See full summary�� April, 1915. First World War in Canakkale, Ottoman Empire. Two brothers leave their mountain village to fight on the front line. One is an experienced sniper fighting for Ottomans against . See full summary�� After the death of his father Murat II, Mehmet II ascends to the Ottoman throne. After braving internal and external enemies, he decides to complete what he was destined to do - conquer Constantinople. A detective story which takes place in the 19th century in Istanbul in the Ottoman era.

A successful police officer, Filinta Mustafa, and a charismatic and successful Khadi (a high level . See full summary�� TriviaThis film was the the subject of heated discussions in Germany. Originally it was rated "Not under 18" by the FSK, but distributor Maxximum appealed this decision which resulted in a "Not under 16" rating.

Then the film became a success, especially amongst turkish teenagers. The success resulted in massive media coverage. This in turn resulted in broad discussions from politicians (especially from the Bavarian conservative CSU party), youth organisations etc.

about the films "Anti-American statements" and their influence on youngsters. After another appeal (from the minister for family and integration from Northrhine Westphalia) the FSK raised the rating back to the original "Not under 18". See more � It's actually surprisingly slick for a Turkish movie, considering it's also part of an ongoing TV series, kinda like their "24".The Good:The actors all did well, and I'm surprised to see so many real American actors, including Busey and Zane in such a blatantly anti-war movie.

The valley of the wolves iraq kurtlar vadisi irak The cinematography The editing The special effectsThe Bad:The production design is cheap by movie standards. The US military uniforms are not very believable and many of the US soldiers speak with thick accents (especially the jailer at Abu Ghraib). The plot is not believable, with the four Turkish special forces guys taking out a LOT of American G.I.'s at the climax. The US soldiers are shown to be cartoonishly evil - one guy even kills one of his own men for threatening to tell on him for killing some Iraqi civilians!

Gary Busey as a Jewish Doctor harvesting organs to send to the West - a bit far fetched.As ludicrous as it gets, this movie is a real eye-opener to how the Islamic world sees us. The war is controversial and polarizing here, just like this movie and most Americans are gonna love it or hate it long before they actually watch it. I liked it. One almost never sees an American (non-documentary) movie with the guts to be so completely one-sided, especially when our questionable foreign policy is involved.

US soldiers as the bad guys, led by a fanatical Christian zealot, is definitely not something one sees every day. This movie is kinda like THE OMEGA CODE 2 turned on its head. Between the bad and the good, VALLEY OF THE WOLVES: IRAQ at least never fails to be entertaining. Message BoardsRecent PostsDoes America always have to be the 'good guy'??aquarius_zsQuestions to all who slamed this filmwhadlaNo US heroes ? I can understand that American viewers are angrySanmareHot in news: US army massacre 24 civillianj199Billy Zane for the oscar!

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