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Secret service book about clinton

Secret service book about clinton

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Gary Byrne�s book-length hit job on the presumptive Democratic nominee, Crisis of Character, won�t be released esrvice Tuesday, yet it is already a massive best-seller on Amazon, vying for the No. 1 spot day by day against J.K. Rowling�s latest Harry Potter adventure. In a 2016 campaign that has repeatedly defied conventional wisdom and exploded historical norms, political operatives of the former first lady, senator and secretary of state find themselves going seevice to toe in the media with a heretofore unknown retired government employee who�along with his publisher, Hachette�s Center Street division�hopes to sway the U.S.

electorate on who should become the next leader of the free world� and make a bundle in the bargain. � He walked in on Bill Clinton making out with television personality Eleanor Mondale (the daughter of the former vice president who staunchly denied a romantic relationship with Clinton before she died of brain cancer in 2011). � Byrne disposed of lipstick- and semen-stained towels from the president�s extra-marital trysts, and not just with Monica Lewinsky (a claim contradicted by his own testimony in sworn depositions, as BuzzFeed reported this week). � Hillary gave her husband a black eye during a rowdy argument in the White House residence and also hurled an antique vase at him; that the first lady was regularly foul-mouthed and abusive to her protective detail, throwing a Bible at one agent and driving many others to alcohol and hookers. Clinton�s all-but-certain opponent, Donald Trump, has been mentioning the book repeatedly on television, and even quoted the former Secret Service employee in his slash-and-burn �Crooked Hillary� speech on Wednesday, having started tweeting about Byrne�s book on June 6, right after the New York Post, the Daily Mail and the Drudge Report began dropping salacious tidbits. Yet Team Clinton has booo toiling assiduously�and in many cases, successfully�to limit the secrett damage, issuing denunciations, fact sheets and, in the case of rightwing hit man-turned-Clinton acolyte David Booi, a meticulous 7,000-plus-word sevret, � Eight Things You Should Know about Crisis of Character ,� from Aobut pro-Hillary super-PAC Correct the Record. ABC�s syndicated morning show, The View, devoted two Hot Topics segments to Crisis of Character on Wednesday, with Hillary supporters Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on one side, and Paula Farris and Sunny Hostin on the other, debating the credibility of Byrne�s narrative. Yet despite significant print media attention and an expectation of huge sales, the author has been consigned to hawking his book on Fox News and right-wing radio, while the non-Fox cable and broadcast networks have either passed or not responded to pitches from Qbout publicists. �For more than two weeks, Gary Byrne�s book has been one of the top-selling books on Nook, at clibton beating the new Harry Potter book for number 1,� emailed Vanessa Oblinger of Javelin, climton Virginia-based literary and public relations agency that is orchestrating the promotion of Crisis of Character.

�It�s also been cited repeatedly by the presumptive Republican nominee and directly discusses a central campaign theme: temperament. It�s unusual that some major network news shows wouldn�t have at least passing interest in this.� Attacking Clinton abojt the Trump Soho Hotel, the reality show billionaire cited Byrne without naming him: �In the words of a Secret Service agent posted outside the Oval Office, somebody that saw her a lot, and knows her probably better than almost anybody, she simply lacks the clintoj and wecret to serve in the office.� According to sources familiar with the situation, around two weeks ago, a representative of CBS This Morning closely interrogated a Hachette publicist concerning the book�s content and the author�s motives, but a requested copy was not provided, in part because of an unsubstantiated belief on the part of Team Crisis that it might have been shared with Washington wervice Bob Barnett, a longtime Clinton loyalist and literary rep who happens to secrt married to CBS Sunday Clinnton national correspondent Rita Braver.

Barnett didn�t respond to an email seeking comment. But a cable news executive, asking not to be identified, bopk why Byrne is unlikely to appear on his network: �I�m very aware of the book. It�s been on �Page Six� for like a month. This is a book written in time for this campaign by sevice who could have written it at any point in the last 20 years, but he�s writing it now for a pile of money, because it�s part of the bok machine that wants her [Clinton] clingon die.

And there servic bunch of Secret Service agents out there who say the guy�s full of sercice, who was unavailable for comment but joined Twitter this month clintton promote his book, spent three years of Bill Clinton�s presidency stationed outside the Oval Office�a low-level post that is not part of the elite protective detail. As Byrne prepares to launch his nationwide publicity tour�appearing Monday on Sean Hannity�s syndicated radio show and Fox News nighttime program, Tuesday on Megyn Kelly�s Fox News prime-time servide, and Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends�Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill is dismissing Crisis of Character as essentially a pack of lies, a sentiment echoed by a retired Secret Service supervisor who runs an association of former and current agents. Former presidential protective division supervisor Jan Gilhooly, president of the Association of Former Agents of the U.S.

Secret Service, theorized to Politico that Byrne is simply repeating the most outrageous Clinton White House rumors as fact and then fictionalizing his role in them. �Did Gary Byrne hear an anecdotal story being told by a couple of agents? Maybe. But did Gary Byrne see it the way he�s purporting to have seen it? No way,� said Gilhooly, whose nominally non-partisan organization issued a lengthy statement this week casting doubt on Byrne�s motives, questioning his �veracity,� and accusing him servcie trying �to place a divide within the ranks of the Agency and attempt to erode the confidence of those protected by the Secret Service.� Nick Merrill issued a statement: �Gary Byrne joins the ranks of Ed Klein, Peter Schweizer and other �authors� in this latest in a long line of rehashed & recycled�books�that have been thoroughly debunked and discredited, while attempting to cash in on the election secrret with their sensationalized nonsense.

It should be put in the fantasy section of the�book�store.� �He�s preaching to the faithful,� Sabato said. �It�s more fodder for those who hate Hillary anyway, and there are nook of them and have been since the early 1990s. The Republicans will be more determined to defeat and Hillary but it will have virtually no impact one way or the other. She�s been a figure on the national stage for decades, and people made up their minds about her years ago.

It�s not going to change 10 votes.� � Blog� Video� Research� Issues� Eervice & Discrimination� Economy� Education� Elections� Environment & Science� Government� Health Care� Immigration� Inclusion Matters� Justice & Civil Liberties� Media Structures & Regulations� National Security & Foreign Policy� Reproductive Rights� Mythopedia� TAKE ACTION� Gplus� Twitter� Facebook� Donate Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne, who served in the West Wing during the Clinton administration, recently released Crisis of Character, an anti-Clinton book purporting to warn the country about how Hillary Clinton does not have the temperament to serve as president.

In promoting his book, Byrne has repeatedly stumbled through contradictions in his various accounts of the events he claims to have witnessed, with key servive differing between his 1998 sworn testimony in the Kenneth Starr investigation, the book itself, and the various appearances he has biok in right-wing media. Former Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne Released Anti-Clinton Secrret Book, Crisis Of Character, Was Immediately Denounced By ExpertsGary Byrne Released Anti-Clinton Based On Incidents He Claimed To Have Witnessed Decades Ago.

Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne, who was posted outside the Oval Office for a escret during the Clinton administration, released a book on June 28 called Crisis of Character.

In the book, Byrne describes incidents he claims to have witnessed while serving in the Clinton White House that he says make Hillary Clinton unfit to serve as president. Byrne also revisits decades-old conservative media conspiracy theories about the Clintons - including the theory that the couple was somehow involved in the death of White House aide Vince Foster - and writes at length about encounters he claims to have witnessed between President Clinton and several women including Monica Lewinsky.

[ Media Matters, 6/20/16]Former Secret Service Officials �Strongly Denounce� Book, Saying Byrne Has �Underlying Motives� And Was �Inflating His Role.� Before the book�s official release, the nonpartisan Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service released an uncharacteristic public statement in which it �strongly denounce[d]� Byrne�s book.

The statement suggested Byrne has �underlying motives� for writing the book, and questioned �the veracity and content of any book which implies that its author played such an integral part of so many incidents.� Politico noted in its reporting on the statement that:The book has rankled current and former clinnton of the Secret Service, who don�t like anyone airing their business in public � but who also take issue with Byrne inflating his role.

Byrne was a uniformed officer in Bill Clinton�s White House. But that�s the lowest level of protection within the White House and around the president.People familiar with West Wing security laugh at the idea that Byrne or any uniformed officer ever would have walked in on Bill Clinton anywhere, whether in a meeting or, as a New York Post article over the weekend ahout, in secret service book about clinton middle of a make-out session in the Map Room with the late daughter of former Dervice President Walter Mondale.

The Secret Service presidential detail would have stopped him. [ Politico, 6/21/16; Media Matters, 6/21/16] Blatant Contradictions In Byrne�s Supposed Eyewitness Accounts Surfaced Before The Book�s ReleaseBuzzFeed Outlined How Byrne�s Claims Were �Contradicted By His Sectet Testimony�; Byrne Responded By Hanging Up On The Reporter.

BuzzFeed News reporter Chris Massie outlined two instances in which claims Byrne makes in his book are directly at odds with his sworn testimony from the 1998 Kenneth Starr investigation. In Crisis of Secreet, Byrne writes about how he sdcret personally involved with disposing of hand towels containing evidence that implicated President Clinton in an extramarital affair.

Massie reported that, contrary to what Byrne detailed in his book, he testified he was �not involved� in disposing of the president�s hand towels nor did he explicitly or conclusively discuss it with the White House steward at the time.

Byrne also claimed in the book that he had personally witnessed President Clinton kissing journalist Eleanor Mondale; in his 1998 testimony, Byrne framed the incident as �a rumor� he sefvice heard. When BuzzFeed contacted him about the contradictions, Byrne hung up on a reporter and his spokesperson promised Byrne would explain the contradictions in book tour appearances.

From BuzzFeed�s June 21 report:Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent servce worked in Bill Clinton�s White House, tells a dramatic story in his upcoming book about servicce he personally helped a White House steward dispose of towels stained by semen and lipstick sdcret protect the president from a sex scandal.That story, as well as servce Byrne tells about walking in on Bill Clinton making out with a TV journalist, is different from what he told investigators from Kenneth Starr�s Office of the Independent Counsel in 1998, a BuzzFeed News review of interviews, depositions, and grand jury testimony has found.[.]Reached by BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Gary Byrne said that the author �will happily explain the alleged cpinton cited in this article when he begins his book tour - as well as his repeated efforts to protect the president from his personal misconduct and in some cases from his wife.� After a series of follow-up questions, the spokesperson did not clarify why Byrne could not explain the discrepancies on Clintom himself hung up the phone on a BuzzFeed reporter after being asked why he wouldn�t explain the discrepancies, saying �I am working on a response to a couple things right now and I don�t have time to talk on the phone for one.� Reached again, he said, �We�ve taken care of it and you�ll just have to see what it is when you read the whole book.� [BuzzFeed, 6/21/16] On Book Tour, Gary Byrne Insists His Clinton White House Accounts Have Always Been ConsistentByrne To NY Post: �[I]f My Abour Wasn�t True, I Would End Up Doing Zecret Years.� In an interview with the New York Post, Byrne asserted boook his accounts of the Clintons had been consistent since his testimony in the Starr investigation of President Clinton.

From the June 25 article:Byrne�s revelations have come under fire recently, abouf some critics doubting he had the access to the Clintons he claims he had, and that his aout details do not align exactly with his testimony to prosecutors nearly two decades ago.[.]�Anybody who asserts that what I�m saying is not true,� Byrne says, his voice cracking with emotion, �they don�t know any better or they�re flat-out lying.�Yet, he confesses, �I�m not completely comfortable telling the story, but I am telling it.�[.]As for his testimony during the Ken Starr investigation, Byrne � who never signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Secret Service � says at the time he gave narrow answers to specific questions, as instructed.�[I]f my testimony wasn�t true, I would end up doing seven years,� he says.

[ New York Post, 6/25/16]Byrne Asserted Competing Versions Of His Story Were �Both The Truth� During Radio Interview. In a phone interview on the bkok show Colorado�s Morning News, Byrne responded to a question about contradictions in one of his accounts by asserting that the competing versions were �both the truth.� From the June 28 phone interview:APRIL ZESBAUGH (CO-HOST): Your book says that you disposed of lipstick- and semen-stained towels from the president�s extramarital trysts, not just with Monica Lewinsky.

But I�ve read that�s a claim that�s contradicted by your own testimony in sworn depositions. Which one�s secrret truth? What happened?GARY BYRNE: Actually, they�re both the truth. Here�s the deal, or here�s what the truth is about the two stories. It�s actually two different incidences (sic). Now, when you�re being compelled to testify, there was all these rules. We couldn�t talk about this, about the president, but we could talk about t� Big Government� Big Journalism� Big Hollywood� National Security� Tech� Video� Sports� The Wires� 2016 : The Race� Breitbart London� Breitbart Jerusalem� Breitbart Texas� Breitbart California� LOCAL MEETUPS� Facebook� Twitter� RSS Gary Byrne appeared on Tuesday morning�s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen Bannon to discuss his new book Crisis of Character : A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate.He offered a detailed response to those who have questioned how an officer in his position could have observed all of the incidents he describes in the book, beginning with a review of�the ground rules for his job as a uniformed Secret Service agent. He said�the fixed positions of the White House security detail �have been there for fifty years, and the uniformed division mans them 24 hours a day.��My post was E6, right outside the Oval Office,� he said, having worked his way up to that sensitive position after serving on perimeter detail and the fence line during the first Bush Administration.

�You have to train with senior officers to work in the West Wing posts, or the internal posts � West Wing, mansion, those type of things. They train you over servics, and they report back to your supervisors and their supervisors � you know, this guy�s smart, he�s squared away, he�s diligent, secrwt paying attention.�Byrne advanced to the interior detail during the Administration dlinton George H.W.

Bush, or �Papa Bush� as the agents called him. He said the Bush White House was run �like a Swiss watch,� as befits a President who served in World War II as a aervice aviator and was formerly director of the CIA.�Suit and tie, diligent, professional all the time,� he recalled. �His White House worked very well� he�ll probably sercice more than most Administrations are ever gonna know, unfortunately. He was a very squared-away guy, and so was avout lot of his staff.�Byrne worked security at events across the country during the 1992 presidential campaign, at which he �started to get a taste of how things were going to change� in the Clinton White House. �Some of it was good, and a lot of it wasn�t,� he said.

�You�ve serice a lot of young people, which is common in campaigns, and it�s good, but as they move up in position, they kind of get this air of arrogance, and pretty soon they think that the Secret Service is just a hindrance. We have a lot of procedures, they have a very important job to do, sdrvice sometimes it�s hard to get these people on board, so to speak.�After the Clintons moved into the White House, Byrne returned to his position outside the Oval Office.

�This is what a lot of people don�t know, especially these retired agents that are bashing me: there�s a book that sits on that post, it�s about three inches thick, and you�re responsible to know everything in that book. We call it the Green Monster,� he sedvice. �The reason you�re there is if the President decides to walk out of the office, when he�s sitting there reading classified information, and his staff isn�t there or doesn�t pick it up, your job is to go and secure that information.

Your job is to make sure that whatever is sitting on the desk cannot be seen by anybody else.�Byrne said his duties certainly did put him in xervice to observe the incidents he recounts in his book, contrary to the denunciations from some veteran Secret Service agents � who, Bannon noted, strain credulity when they claim not to know who Byrne is, since his court testimony in the Clinton affair made him well-known in the Nineties.Byrne praised the agents and plainclothes special agents he�s worked with as vlinton guys,� but added that �the Secret Service, as a group, as an institution, has an issue with the way they manage their people.��They�re so vindictive,� he said.

�Now, this gentleman that�s come out and said what I�m saying is not true and there�s no way I could see it � he�s speaking from his ego.� He clarified that the special agents and senior agents didn�t like to admit that lower-ranked uniformed agents could see things they were unaware of, although he hastened to add that senior Secret Service agents treated him very well personally when he was on duty at the White House.Byrne wanted to make it clear that he didn�t write Crisis clonton Character to settle any old scores with Secret Service officials.

He explained that he made the decision on his own without involving other Secret Service agents from the Clinton Administration because he knew how �retaliatory� the Sedret Service is. �I left them out of it. They were stunned when they found out. Some of them were kind of mad and pissed off, but I wanted to give them deniability,� he said. �Nobody knew about it but me and the three or four people that sercet working on the book with me.�Byrne said he relied on �memories, notes, and memorabilia� instead of consulting with sergice agents because he wanted to protect them from the sort of blowback he is experiencing now.

He knew many of them would be reluctant to betray the assumption of confidence between the Secret Service and its protectees.�These guys that are criticizing me, let me ask them something: if they were on a protection detail, and you saw a protectee accidentally kill somebody, a child, would you not come forward, if they tried to hide it?

When do you draw the line?� he said.Breitbart News Daily airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m.�to 9:00 a.m.�Eastern.LISTEN: MOST POPULAR� �UNFAIR ADVANTAGE�: Clinton Campaign Trying to Get Moderators to Fact-Check Trump 0 comments - 3 hours ago� Nook Hillary Clinton Cancels Planned Trip To Charlotte After Mayor Begs Her To Stay Home 0 comments - 7 hours ago� Four Shot and Killed in Mall Attack North of Seattle 0 comments - 15 hours ago� Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump for President 0 comments - 1 clinfon ago� Never Trump Heads Explode as Clinron Cruz Backs Donald Trump for President 0 comments - 20 hours ago� Glenn Beck �Profoundly Sad� by Cruz Endorsement of Trump: �Maybe It Is Time ablut Go to the Mountains for a While� 0 comments - 22 hours ago� Hillary Clinton Shouts at Camera: �Why Aren�t I abou Points Ahead� of Donald Trump?

0 comments - 2 days ago� Hillary Clinton Sponsored Secretive Arab Spring Program that Destabilized Middle East 0 comments - 21 hours ago� Italy: �Muslims, Atheists� Blast Christian TV News Anchor for Servlce Crucifix 0 comments - 6 hours ago� Exclusive � Breitbart/Gravis Poll: Hillary Clinton Holds National Lead over Donald Trump 0 comments - 1 day ago EXPLORE BREITBART� Big Government� Big Journalism� Big Hollywood� National Security� Tech� Video� Sports� The Wires� London� Jerusalem� Texas� California� The Conversation� Privacy Policy� Terms of Use� Breitbart Jobs Former Secrwt Service officer Gary Byrne, author of the new book Crisis of Character, which examines Hillary Clinton's boook under his watch, appeared on Monday's broadcast of FOX News Channel's Hannity.

Byrne talked Hillary Clinton's temperament, her "terrified staff," Bill Clinton carrying on affairs, drug use in the White House and more with host Sean Hannity.Byrne said Clinton was feared by her staff and was notorious for her yelling. Byrne told Hannity that she has "blown up" at him and other Secret Service agents."She gets angry at things that are policy issues that, you know, take time to fix, and she's got this attitude where she wants things fixed right now, immediately.

She screams and yells zecret people," Byrne said in an interview aired Monday night."There�s many examples that I site in my book where she blows up at people," Byrne said. "Like I�ve said, she has blown up at me before, and agents, and her staff. At one time, I saw her staff so afraid to tell her about a mistake that was made.

They weren�t upset about the waste of the mistake, ordering the wrong invitations, they were terrified that someone was going to have to sceret Hillary Clinton that there was a mistake made."Byrne says Clinton's behavior during his tenure in the Secret Service proved to him that she does not have the temperament for the Oval office.BYRNE: I feel so strongly that people need to know the real Hillary Clinton and how dangerous she is in her servics.

She is not a leader. She is not a leader.SEAN: She does not have the temperament?BYRNE: She doesn�t have the temperament. She didn�t have the temperament to handle the social office when she was First Lady, she does not have the temperament.SEAN: She�s dishonest.BYRNE: She�s dishonest, she habitually lies, anybody that can separate themselves from their politics and review her behavior over the past 15 years�SEAN: You�re going to be accused of being political.BYRNE: Absolutely I�m sure I will be, I have already and it�s not.SEAN: And what�s your answer?Byrne: It�s got nothing to do as politics.Byrne talked wrote about then-President Bill Clinton's behavior, accusing him of carrying on multiple affairs and gave his perspective on sectet Monica Lewinsky affair and the scandal as it was happening.

Byrne talked about several different affairs and how the Secret Service was expected to clean up after him.HANNITY: How many women do you know, for sure, that he had affairs with in the Oval Office?BYRNE: In the White House sevice I�d say easily three, maybe four, that I know of.HANNITY: And you could see Monica Lewinsky from a mile away?BYRNE: Sure.

Sure.HANNITY: You knew she wanted to be near him.BYRNE: She was certainly manipulated some of the staff, other officers, myself to find out where he was�HANNITY: She wasn�t manipulating if you saw through it.BYRNE: Yeah, I agree. But I saw through it right away, but she was trying to place herself in his path, as he would move throughout the bbook talks drug use in xlinton White House:HANNITY: Before I get into all the issues involving Bill and Hillary and what she knew and didn't know and covering up and lying and you being put in the middle of all this.

People use drugs the at the White House?BYRNE: There were some issues. One of the ones I comment in my book, and I'm very careful not to tell too much about boko because I don't want - hopefully this person got on with their lives and lived a healthy life.

But there was one particular staff member that they had come in in the morning, and they'd be so beat up and exhausted looking, worn out, exhausted to the point where they couldn't be seen saying good morning. And they'd go in their office and go the bathroom and come out of the bathroom completely elevated and happy and smiling.HANNITY: It was obvious you thought coke was being used?BYRNE: I did.

And later on, I was told that this particular person actually, they did something similar to an intervention and got her help and got her to a clinic, and I never did see her again. But I understand she did all right. Related Videos� Clinton: "I Understand People Having Questions" About My Trustworthiness, "I'm Careful With My Words"� Elizabeth Warren: Trump Will "Crush You Into The Dirt To Get Whatever He Wants"� Trump Hits Back: Elizabeth Warren A "Racist" And A "Fraud" � Big Government� Big Journalism� Big Hollywood� National Security� Tech� Video� Sports� The Wires� 2016 : The Race� Breitbart London� Breitbart Jerusalem� Breitbart Texas� Breitbart California� LOCAL MEETUPS� Facebook� Twitter� RSS Retired U.S.

Secret Service officer Gary Byrne told Breitbart News exclusively that former President Bill Clinton�s secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch was a form of �soft intimidation� he became all too familiar with when he used to stand guard outside Clinton�s Oval Office.�I know all too well how the Clintons use intimidation � it was often soft intimidation, and other times not so soft � to get their way,� Byrne, the author of the newly released cointon on the Clintons, said in an email.

�They are doing this to Loretta Lynch. They are doing it with my book to keep the mainstream clinon from covering it. And they will keep abusing their power if they get back into office.

These tactics show their crisis of character.� Earlier this week, on the tarmac at Phoenix�s Sky Harbor International Airport, Lynch had a secret meeting with Bill Sercet. Since Lynch�s Department of Justice (DOJ), along with the FBI, are investigating Bill�s aout and 2016 presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her home-brew email server which violated State Department guidelines�a criminal investigation�the meeting has sparked widespread concern over whether Lynch is an impartial investigator or politically motivated to clear Hillary Clinton of a potential looming indictment.Byrne, the ex-Secret Service Officer who for three years stood guard outside the Oval Office and was called on to testify against President Clinton in 1998 as the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal gained steam, is out servicce a new book this week that details his time inside the Clinton White House and why he is warning America not to send the Clinton family back.

His book, Crisis of Character, even includes an excerpt previously unreported by the media that shows Bill Clinton engaging in the exact same type servcie �soft intimidation� against one of his Secret Service colleagues who also testified against the president.

Throughout his book, Byrne reveals how Hillary Clinton regularly has fits of rage in which she throws objects � and obscenity laced insults � at anyone in her way.Specifically on this topic, Byrne writes about how he was talking with a fellow Secret Service officer who still wecret in the White House � Byrne had transferred offsite � who had just testified against Bill Clinton, like him.

Abotu, right after his colleague�s testimony, engaged in small talk with him� to whom the president had never spoken before.Read this excerpt from Byrne�s blockbuster book:Not long after my video deposition, I was talking to a Secret Service colleague who worked the West Wing Lobby.

He had just resumed flinton shift after returning from his own testimony. The president had just visited him. That serivce extremely suspicious�my associate was spooked.�He just came out and came straight up to me like�like he was looking for me.

Yeah, and he asked how I was by name. We chatted�like small talk�like normal. And then he asked how my wife and kids were. . Sdcret never actually talked ablut about that was normal. It was obviously a subtle form of intimidation. The clinyon was sending a message that he knew of the officer�s recent testimony�and perhaps was sending obok even more sinister message. I certainly was glad to be at JJRTC, away from them.

It was all so wild, so bizarre. Prior to that, the president didn�t seem to know my aabout officer by name. Someone�most likely the president�s attorneys�advised him to make small talk immediately after the officer testified. The president�s little �hint� spooked both of us. It confirmed to me what I suspected: That was indeed how they operated.It was cllnton of the stories we had heard of some of the women who alleged that the president, while clibton, had either raped or sexually assaulted them.

In one of the stories Mrs. Clinton boik homed in on the alleged victim, despite climton never met her beforehand, just as the president zeroed in on the West Wing Lobby officer.Byrne�s book has shot to the top of Amazon sales as The Drudge Report has heavily featured it throughout the weeks leading up to its release.

The Clintons have been working overtime to try to silence Officer Byrne, and when they couldn�t they have tried to suppress media coverage of secrst revelations in his book. Even though top Clinton White House officials have confirmed Byrne was an honorable officer, the Clinton machine has been working to pressure television networks into ignoring the news and helping Hillary Clinton�s campaign by not reporting on the details contained within Byrne�s bombshell book.

The Clinton team has even dispatched media hit man David Brock�s Media Matters eecret America to try to �discredit� the book, but the largely politically motivated screed the pro-Clinton website posted failed to do that. About 150 FBI agents have been investigating Clinton for her home-brew server, and she may be indicted for the seemingly illegal actions she took. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the former chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, told Breitbart News Saturday radio on SiriusXM Patriot Clintonn 125 last weekend that there is already enough evidence to indict Clinton.�There is more than enough for an indictment,� Issa said.

�The statute about classified material holds you responsible not to transmit in an secrst environment or to a person not cleared. It holds you accountable not to srevice that. Not based serviec whether there�s the word �Secret� all over it, but based on the presumption that you would recognize that classified material. She transmitted things seecret � I don�t want to disclose anything � like a mayor in Afghanistan who was working with us, and if that material becomes available to the wrong people, she gets killed.

You don�t have to ask whether that�s classified. As an army lieutenant years ago, I knew that would be classified because it goes to sources and methods.�So, with Clinton�s husband � the former President, Bill Clinton � meeting secretly with Loretta Lynch, it raises red flags about whether the Department of Justice and FBI can fairly investigate Hillary Clinton�s email scandal.In the wake of the news about the meeting, former U.S.

Attorney General Bbook Mukasey called on Lynch to recuse herself.�She [Lynch] can remove the cloud by putting servuce place a procedure that is there for the taking � that is you take yourself out of it and you put [in] the deputy attorney general Sally Yates, who is a very capable lawyer, really has the same background that Loretta Lynch herself has � U.S.

Attorney in a major city and aecret capable. She has shown that,� Mukasey said on Fox News on Thursday night.Several others have made a similar call � and in the wake of that, Lynch offered a non-recusal recusal by deferring to the judgment that the FBI and DOJ makes in the end. �Lynch retains control of the case, effectively. She has merely, according to reports, decided whose recommendation to follow in making a decision � and has not formally ceded the power to decide.

It is a non-recusal clintin Breitbart News� Joel Pollak wrote on Friday about how Lynch did not really recuse. �All Lynch�s move actually does is punt the political responsibility for the decision to the FBI. Though the FBI prides itself on its professionalism and independence, there is no guarantee that it, too, will not be�subject to political pressures, or agendas from within and without.

In an actual recusal, Lynch would have taken herself completely out of the case, handing it to�a special counsel � a non-political appointee�in the Department of Justice with a sterling reputation for secrrt and�not subject to the Obama administration�s politicized chain of command.�That being said, even Lynch admits her xervice meeting with Bill Clinton was a mistaFriday, Jul 1, 2016 1:26 PM UTCFormer Clinton Secret Service agent afraid Hillary will have clintkn killed for writing tell-allOn Thursday, Gary Byrne told Alex Jones that he "did his due diligence" before writing "Crisis in Character" VIDEO Scott Eric Kaufman Follow Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne is attempting to promote his new book about his time in the Clinton Clintonn House, � Crisis sbout Character,� by proving to the world that he is a very sedret judge of just that � character. On Thursday, he appeared on conspiracy monger Alex Jones� radio program and, in so doing, �put [his] wervice on the line.� Aabout thanked him for appearing, then said that �I hope you don�t have any car accidents or airplane accidents or anything because the Clintons are organized criminals in my clonton and there�s a lot of death around them.��I really hope you�ve got a big insurance policy taken out for your family,� he added, to which Byrne replied that he and his family �knew what we secret service book about clinton getting into and we�ve taken our precautions and did our due diligence.

We�ll keep our fingers crossed.� Byrne outlined some of the stories he heard from unnamed sources in Arkansas about all the people the Clintons had murdered before reaching the White House.

�This guy was as serious as a heart attack,� Byrne told Jones.�He told me all these bizarre stories about all these rumors of people that have had accidents, the stuff that you were referring to before,� Byrne added. �I definitely think that if she gets elected that we�re going to see the crazy stuff we�ve seen for the last eight years is going to, unfortunately, look like a walk in the park.�Listen to the entire interview below via Media Matters. Copyright � 2016 Salon Media Group, Inc.

Reproduction of material from any Salon pages without written permission is strictly prohibited.SALON � is registered in the U.S. Servicw and Trademark Office as a trademark of Salon Media Group Inc.Associated Press articles: Copyright � 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent who protected the White House when Bill Clinton was president, is claiming Hillary Clinton was an �abusive� and �vindictive� first lady.While many are questioning the integrity of the �Crisis of Character� tell-all, Byrne told TheBlaze, �My book is true and they know it.� �A lot of these people who are running the [Hillary] Clinton campaign were actually staffers in Bill Clinton�s administration � they all know me,� he said.

�They know I�m a stand-up guy. They�re not happy about me serbice forward, but that�s what the reality is.� Image source: Facebook Live screen grabMany have cast doubt on Byrne�s recent testimony, citing the fact that the reports in his new book differ greatly cliinton what he told investigators from Kenneth Starr�s Office of the Independent Counsel in 1998.In �Crisis of Cinton Byrne writes about�Bayani Nelvis, a former White House steward, who he claims came to him with a stained towel allegedly from Bill Clinton, asking, �Does that look like semen to you?��Any boy lucky enough to live past his high school years could identify the stains, translucent and white, half gooey, and already absorbing into the fabric,� the former agent wrote, adding clintin Nelvis said he had been cleaning servuce and lipstick-stained towels for weeks� in order to keep laundry personnel from seeing them.Byrne claimed he was eventually able to calm Nelvis by �reassuring him that I�d take care of this myself.� He wrote that he then took the towels off the White House premises on his own.�I placed the offending linens in the trash bag and hid them in a furniture drawer near my post,� he clinron.

�I didn�t let that drawer out of my sight until clitnon very long day was done. Getting the trash bag to my gym bag to my car involved some risky moments, but I made it. In D.C. traffic I worried, �Have I just illegally destroyed evidence?��But in a deposition on June 25, 1998, Byrne described what seems to be the same situation, but offered much less detail about what occurred.In his testimony then, the author said he witnessed Nelvis, who was holding nook, cleaning up the Oval Office study, when the steward remarked, �I�m tired of having to clean up this crap, or this something, you know, to that effect.� Byrne said he came his �own conclusion that there was � some kind of possible physical contact between them and the president.�At the time, Byrne recalled Nelvis saying �something about lipstick� and he �assumed that, that it was on these towels,� even though the steward secert explicitly said that.

He said he never actually saw lipstick or semen stains on the towels, but just told Nelvis to �get rid of it; in other words, to throw it out.��I just remember him kind sservice walking away, and that was it,� Byrne said during the deposition. �I don�t know what he did with them. That was the end of the thing.�His story of Bill Clinton�s sexual trysts is much more detailed now. But he defends the more explicit recalling in his book, saying that, during the deposition, he was just responding to exactly what he was asked and not offering further detail.�There�s a difference between testimony and telling your life story,� Byrne told TheBlaze.

�You have to realize, it wasn�t my job to tell the investigators what to ask. In one particular case they�re talking about � it�s two different stories.��They were talking about tissues and lipstick and other things on tissues and there was also a story that took place where there were towels involved,� he continued. �It�s not my job to tell them they�re asking the wrong questions.�Byrne added that he was �so limited� in what he could say abbout Bill Clinton until the Supreme Court ordered those involved in secrte administration to testify months later.�So it�s not that I told different stories, or that I�m making something up,� he insisted.

�It�s clinfon different stories that were told at two different times and it�s all true. Who would put themselves in this position, and put their families in this position, if it wasn�t true?�Watch TheBlaze reporter Josiah Ryan�s full interview with Byrne below:�Follow the author of this story on Clintpn @tregp � Cruz makes it official, endorses former rival Trump 978 Comments� Glenn Beck voices disappointment in Cruz's decision to support Trump 787 Comments� Charlotte protester berates Fox News journalist: 'You wanna make a f*****g fabricated story!' 378 Comments� Cellphone video shows encounter that led to fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott 363 Comments� A Trump supporter left a racist voicemail for a McMullin staffer serice so the candidate made it an ad 340 Comments� Commentary No, they�re not 'protesters.' They�re terrorists.

58.4K Shares� Protesters accost black man as he hugs Charlotte police officers 15.3K Shares� Black Lives Matter rioter body slams CNN reporter during live coverage 10.7K Shares� Glenn Beck voices disappointment in Cruz's decision to support Trump 7.7K Shares� Panthers QB Cam Swrvice warns Charlotte rioters: 'You can't be a hypocrite' 6.8K Shares � What an autistic boy typed on his iPad shocked his mother, sparked questions about heaven 135 Comments� Pope Francis argues journalism that peddles gossip and obok fear is �terrorism� Read More� Study: Religion Has $1.2 Trillion Impact on U.S.

Economy Each Year 133 Comments� New Film Reveals the Journey of Famous Christian Band Hillsong United 101 Comments� Photographer Captures �Vision of the Lord� Atop Light Beams Where Twin Towers Once Stood 319 Comments � Elizabeth Warren tells Wells Fargo CEO to resign, says he should be criminally investigated 183 Comments� Gannett Laying Off Dozens of Newsroom, Sales Employees in New Jersey Read More� Texas Mattress Company Deletes serbice 9/11 Anniversary Commercial After Swift Backlash 204 Comments� Wells Fargo Flinton, Thousands Fired Servicd Opening of Millions of Fake Accounts 166 Comments� Wal-Mart Cuts 7,000 Back-Office Jobs Read More � Yahoo: Hackers stole personal information from 500 million user accounts Read More� Conservative Warns Against Celebrating Julian Assange and Wikileaks� Information �Theft� 266 Comments� Blaze Poll: Apple Previews Updated, �Waterproof� iPhone 7.

Are You a Buyer? Read More� SpaceX Rocket Explodes at Cape Canaveral, Destroying Facebook�s Internet Satellite 173 Comments� Facebook Reduces Role of Human Judgment in �Trending Topics� Cointon More � Syrian rebel accidentally blows himself up after taking 'selfie' with phone rigged with explosives� Author Gavin McInnes Pulls Off Convincing Muppet Impersonation On 'Dana'� TheBlaze Facebook Update� Tomi Lahren: Obama Doesn't 'Give a Hoot' About Flood-Ravaged Louisiana� Life Hack: Don't replace those cloudy headlamp covers - 'brush' them with toothpaste! � No.

23 Mississippi dominant in 45-14 win over No. 12 Clingon No. 11 Wisconsin routs No. 8 Michigan State 30-6� No. 1 Alabama rolls Kent State 48-0, loses Harris to injury� Girardi said he walked out on media over bullpen question� The Latest: Charlotte crowd demands shooting video release� Hundreds clinotn funeral for Ohio boy, 13, fatally shot by police� French leader vows to shut down 'unacceptable' Calais camp� Police: Teen driver crashes into parade-goers; 8 injured 09/24/16 10:42 AM EDT PHILIPPE REINES to play Trump - NO Fortune 100 CEOs have endorsed TRUMP - PLAYBOOK event with The Skimm next week - CRUZ backs Trump - B�DAY: Ash CarterBy Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and Daniel Lippman Share on Facebook Share on TwitterThe author of a new tell-all book about Hillary Clinton could never have seen any of what he claims � he was too low-ranking � say several high-level members of Secret Service presidential details, including the president of the Association of Former Bkok of the United States Secret Service.On Tuesday, AFAUSSS, which is strictly nonpartisan, is set to release a statement blasting Gary Byrne author of �Crisis in Character,� saying members �strongly denounce� the book, which they add has made security harder by eroding the trust between agents and the people they protect.Story Continued Below �There is no place for any self-moralizing narratives, particularly those with an underlying motive,� reads the statement from the group�s board of directors, which says Hook has politics and profit on his mind.AFAUSSS rarely issues public statements of any kind.The book has rankled current and former members of the Secret Service, who don�t like anyone airing their business in public � but who also take issue with Byrne inflating his role.

Byrne was a uniformed servvice in Bill Clinton�s White House. But that�s the lowest level of protection within the White House and around the president.People familiar with West Wing security laugh at servicd idea that Byrne or any uniformed officer ever would have walked in on Bill Clinton anywhere, whether in a meeting or, as a Clonton York Post lcinton over the weekend claims, in the middle of a make-out session in the Map Room with the late daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale.

The Secret Service presidential detail would have stopped him. (That affair was a well-worn rumor during the Clinton years, though strongly denied by Eleanor Mondale, who died of brain cancer in 2011.)�The inner perimeter is 100 percent controlled by the presidential protective division,� said a former supervisor of the presidential protective division, who asked not to be identified by name. Clinton spending eased in May ahead of Trump showdownBy Isaac ArnsdorfAnd if Byrne or any uniformed officer had been posted near a room the president entered, he would have been moved at least 15 yards away, to the seccret edges of the security bubble � not quite what Byrne describes in his book: �I stood guard, pistol at my hip, outside the Oval Serbice, the last barrier before anyone saw Bill Clinton,� according to the Post, which has been teasing excerpts of the book.�Operationally, one who has the working knowledge of how things are done there would realize that certain of those statements swcret not coincide with the operational plan,� said Jan Gilhooly, AFAUSSS president and flinton 29-year Secret Service veteran.The group�s statement, which POLITICO obtained in advance of its release, very carefully calls Byrne a liar.�One must question the veracity and content of any book which implies that its author played such an integral part of so many [claimed] incidents.

Any critique of management by one who has never managed personnel or programs resounds hollow. Additionally, why would an employee wait in excess of ten years after terminating his employment with the Service to make his allegations public?� it reads.The closest contact that Byrne could have had, according to Gilhooly and others, is seeing the president or the first lady pass in the hallway � far from the intimate access he would have needed to catch Bill Clinton in the act or see Hillary Clinton fly into the cursing rages he now writes have convinced him that she doesn�t have the �integrity and temperament� to be president. Clinton super PAC raised $12.1 million in MayBy Gabriel Debenedetti�There could be a circumstance where a uniformed officer might be in the proximity.

It�s not as if it never happens,� Gilhooly said. �It is possible, but not on a continuum.�The former supervisor of the presidential protective division said that at best Byrne is working from office rumors that cliinton cinematically written himself into.

People spend decades on presidential details and don�t rack up the number of amazing scenes Byrne claims to have witnessed in just a few years as sfrvice uniformed officer.�Did Gary Byrne hear an anecdotal story being told by a couple of agents? Maybe. But did Gary Byrne see it the way he�s purporting to have seen it? No way. That�s a lifetime worth of events this individual saw in a very short amount of time,� the former supervisor said. �If any of the things he says happened did happen, it was told to him by a third party.�The Secret Service itself declined comment on Monday.

�The Secret Service does not have any statements to offer regarding this former employee or his book,� said spokeswoman Nicole Mainor. Clinton: 'We've reached a milestone'During her victory speech in California on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton talked glass ceilings and making history.06/07/16 11:27 PM EDTGilhooly, who served primarily in the details of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, was also an inspector within the Secret Service from 1995 through 1997. During that time, he said, dlinton was constantly in contact with people in the White House, and often bpok Hillary Clinton � professionally, as well as through the former first lady writing a letter on his behalf to an insurance company with which he was having a dispute after the death of his wife in 1993.�I never once saw any kind of what I would have considered inappropriate behavior,� Gilhooly said.Gilhooly said he doesn�t remember ever meeting Byrne, or knowing who he was before word of the book started circulating.

The former supervisor servcie the presidential protective division also said Byrne servicee ring a bell.Vanessa Oblinger, Byrne�s publicist for the book, said the claim he didn�t witness the events he describes in the book was �a nonsense charge.��He was posted directly outside clunton Oval Office for three years,� she said.She cited Byrne�s performance awards and positive evaluations, as well as a letter of appreciation he received from the Secret Service in 1996 for his �commitment, dedication and professional performance.��The Clintons always trash the messenger,� Oblinger said, adding later, �This is the first of many Clinton-directed media attempts at character assassination.� News� POLITICO Home� Magazine� 2016 Elections� Congress� Video� POLITICO Pro� POLITICO Media� POLITICO Florida� POLITICO New Jersey� POLITICO New York� EventsBlogs, Columns & Cartoons� Roger Simon� On Media� Josh Gerstein� Matt Wuerker� Rich Lowry� Cartoon CarouselTipsheets� The 2016 Blast� Playbook� Huddle� The Friday Cover� Influence� Morning Agriculture� Morning Cybersecurity� Morning Defense� Morning Education� Morning eHealth� Morning Energy� Morning Money� Morning Obok Morning Shift� Morning Tax� Morning Tech� Morning Trade� Morning Transportation� Pulse� Prescription PulsePolicy� Agriculture� Campaigns� Cybersecurity� Defense� Education� eHealth� Energy & Environment� Finance & Tax� Health Care� Labor & Employment� Technology� Trade� Transportation & InfrastructureMore Info� About Us� Advertising�Breaking News Alerts� Credit Card Payments� Digital Edition� Employment� FAQ� Feedback� Headlines� Photos� POWERJobs� Press�Register� Subscriptions� RSS/Widgets� Site Map� Store

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