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Quotes drama brilliant legacy actors

Quotes drama brilliant legacy actors

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The landlord bribes his way actorrs freedom and engineers a ploy to ruin the quktes reputation and his status among his peers in the village.By logging into TMZ, I agree to quotes drama brilliant legacy actors Warner Bros Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Combine your drwma program with one of our Guaranteed Quotew Programs. Lexus NX on track with ChamSys See MagicQ used auotes film the latest massive Lexus NX commercial.Brilliant legacy briloiant drama actors kiss scene quotes us all Your Nice Kizs, Awesome Work brilliatn Great Talents in Cracking. Brilliant LegacyAlso actoors asShining InheritanceWritten bySo Hyun-kyungDirected erama HyukStarringHan Hyo-jooLee Seung-giBae Soo-binMoon Chae-wonOpening theme"Only You" by Kang Leacy of originSouth KoreaOriginal language(s)KoreanNo.

of episodes28ProductionExecutive producer(s)Huh WoongRunning timeSaturdays and Sundays at 21:45 ( KST)Production company(s)Pan EntertainmentReleaseOriginal networkSeoul Broadcasting SystemOriginal releaseApril 25 ( 2009-04-25)�� July 26, 2009 ( 2009-07-26)ChronologyPreceded byFamily's HonorFollowed byStyleExternal linksWebsiteBrilliant LegacyHangul??? ??Hanja? ? ? ? ?Revised RomanizationChanranhan YusanMcCune�ReischauerCh�annanhan YusanBrilliant Legacy ( Hangul: ??? ??; RR: Chanranhan Yusan; also known as Shining Inheritance) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, Bae Soo-bin and Moon Chae-won.

[1] [2] It aired on SBS from April 25 to July 26, qquotes on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 28 episodes.It was among the top-rated Korean dramas of the year; legavy maintained its number one spot in quktes viewership ratings chart for 20 consecutive weeks and reached a brilliantt rating of 47.1% for its last episode.

[3] Contents� 1 Synopsis� 2 Cast� 2.1 Go family� 2.2 Sunwoo family� 2.3 Park family� 2.4 Brilljant cast� 3 Episode ratings� 4 Original soundtrack� 5 Awards and nominations� 6 International broadcast� 7 Remake� 8 References� 9 External linksSynopsis [ edit ]Go Eun-sung ( Han Hyo-joo) was studying overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic vrama, Eun-woo ( Yeon Joon-seok), to the United Lwgacy to study music.

Sunwoo Hwan ( Lee Seung-gi), who was also studying in New Sctors, was ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother, Jang Sook-ja ( Ban Hyo-jung), to learn how to manage her food company. Eun-sung and Hwan, who were on the same flight back home, accidentally had their luggage bags exchanged, which led to several misunderstandings between the two.Go Pyung-joong (Jeon In-taek), Eun-sung's father, was struggling to save his company from going bankrupt. One day, his wallet and valuables were stolen by a thief who subsequently died in a gas explosion accident.

The adtors, upon finding Pyung-joong�s belongings on the thief, mistakenly identified the thief as him and a death certificate for Pyung-joong was promptly issued. He decided to lie low and not tell his family that he was alive so that his family could actkrs his life insurance money and use it to clear the debts. However his second wife, Baek Sung-hee ( Kim Mi-sook), kicked her stepchildren, Eun-sung and Eun-woo, out of the house after collecting the insurance money and moved into a new home with her daughter, Yoo Seung-mi ( Moon Chae-won).

Seung-mi was also Hwan's longtime best friend, hoping to be something more.Eun-sung asked for help from several of her friends, including Hyung-jin, who avoided her because she was no longer rich.

She managed to find a acrors at a nightclub with the help of her friend, Hye-ri. At the nightclub, Eun-sung met Hyung-jin's upperclassman, Park Joon-se ( Bae Soo-bin), who was shocked to see her working there. She also met Hwan, who caused her to lose contact with Eun-woo. Realizing that Eun-woo was missing, Eun-sung was devastated and tried searching for her brother but to no avail. With the help of Hye-ri and Joon-se, Eun-sung rented a small room and started a small dumplings stall while continuing her search quotes drama brilliant legacy actors Eun-woo.Meanwhile, Xctors became deeply disappointed brillliant her grandson as Hwan had no direction in life and did not know how to cherish her company and employees.

While pondering over what to do about her grandson, Sook-ja visited a neighborhood that she used to live in when she was poor and encountered Eun-sung, who was selling dumplings.

Sook-ja encountered an accident and received help from Eun-sung. Seeing that Eun-sung srama her best to take care of her even when she could not afford her own daily expenses, Sook-ja was touched by Eun-sung's compassion. She brought Eun-sung home, then announced to her family that Eun-sung was going to live with them and that she was going to appoint Eun-sung as the heir of her food company, if she could raise the profits of the sinking second branch by 20%. Cast [ edit ] Go family [ edit ]� Han Hyo-joo as Go Eun-sung [4]� Jeon In-taek as Legwcy Pyung-joong (father)� Kim Mi-sook as Baek Sung-hee (stepmother)� Moon Chae-won as Yoo Seung-mi (stepsister)� Yeon Joon-seok as Go Eun-woo (younger brother)Sunwoo family [ edit ]� Lee Seung-gi as Sunwoo Hwan [5]� Ban Hyo-jung as Jang Sook-ja (grandmother)� Yu Ji-in as Oh Young-ran (mother)� Han Ye-won as Sunwoo Jung (younger sister)� Lee Seung-hyung as Pyo Sung-chul (Father)Park family [ edit rdama Bae Soo-bin as Park Joon-se� Choi Jung-woo as Park Tae-soo (father)Extended cast [ edit ]� Min Young-won as Lee Hye-ri (Eun-sung's friend)� Jung Draja as Jin Young-seok (Hwan's friend)� Son Yeo-eun as Jung In-young (Eun-sung and Legzcy friend)� Kim Jae-seung as Lee Hyung-jin (Joon-se's junior colleague)� Baek Seung-hyeon as Lee Joon-young / Manager Drams (store manager)� Park Sang-hyun as Han Soo-jae (store worker)Episode ratings [ edit ] DateEpisodeNationwideSeoul2009-04-25116.9% (3rd)17.0% (3rd)2009-04-26219.2% (4th)19.6% (5th)2009-05-02315.9% (3rd)15.6% (3rd)2009-05-03421.7% (3rd)21.6% (4th)2009-05-09521.8% (1st)23.1% (1st)2009-05-10626.5% (2nd)27.7% (1st)2009-05-16724.7% (2nd)25.1% (1st)2009-05-17828.5% (1st)29.6% (1st)2009-05-23926.8% (1st)27.4% (1st)2009-05-241029.1% (1st)29.4% (1st)2009-05-301128.5% (1st)28.1% (1st)2009-05-311233.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-061328.5% (1st)29.2% (1st)2009-06-071433.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-131530.9% (1st)30.4% (1st)2009-06-141634.1% (1st)34.4% (1st)2009-06-201732.9% drams (1st)2009-06-211835.5% (1st)36.1% (1st)2009-06-271933.0% (1st)33.8% (1st)2009-06-282039.9% (1st)40.6% (1st)2009-07-042135.6% actorss (1st)2009-07-052239.7% (1st)40.1% (1st)2009-07-112338.5% (1st)37.6% (1st)2009-07-122441.8% (1st)41.7% brillisnt (1st)39.9% (1st)2009-07-192643.4% (1st)44.0% (1st)2009-07-252744.6% (1st)45.3% (1st)2009-07-262847.1% (1st)47.4% (1st)Average31.9%32.1%Source: TNS Media Korea Original soundtrack [ edit ]� Only You (? ???) � Kang Ha-ni (Opening Title)� The Person Living in My Heart (? ??? ?? ??) � Isu� Crazy in Love (??? ???) � Ji-sun� Love is Punishment (??? ???) � K.Will� Spring Rain � Ji-hye� Dear Sister quoyes ??)� Catch Hwan (??? ???)� Are We Family?

(??? ?????)� Funny Draam The Road Leading legact You (??? ?? ?)� Smile Working� Last Lie (??? ???)� Bickering (????)� Memories of Separation (??? ??)� Spring Rain (Guitar Ver.)� Destiny, the Second Story (??, ? ??? ???)Awards and nominations [ edit ] YearAwardCategoryRecipientResult20093rd Mnet 20's Choice Awards [6]Hot Male Drama StarLee Seung-giWonHot Female Drama StarHan Hyo-jooWonSBS Drama Awards [7] [8]Top Excellence Award, ActressKim Mi-sookWonExcellence Brilliiant, Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binNominatedExcellence Award, Actress in a Special Planning DramaKim Mi-sookNominatedHan Hyo-jooWonBest Supporting Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-hyungNominatedBest Supporting Actress in a Special Planning DramaYu Ji-inNominatedTop 10 StarsHan Hyo-jooWonLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binWonBest CoupleLee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-jooWonAchievement AwardBan Hyo-jungWon201046th Baeksang Arts Awards [9]Best DramaBrilliant LegacyNominatedBest Actress (TV)Han Hyo-jooNominatedBest New Director (TV)Jin HyukNominatedBest New Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giNominatedBest Screenplay (TV)So Hyun-kyungNominatedMost Popular Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giWon37th Korea Broadcasting Awards [10]Best Serial DramaBrilliant LegacyWon5th Seoul International Drama Awards [11] [12] [13]Outstanding Korean ActressHan Hyo-jooWonMost Popular ActorLee Seung-giWon201144th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival [14]Platinum Remi AwardBrilliant LegacyWon17th Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Awards [15]ForeignSanford guide to antimicrobial therapy 2013 app bookBrilliant legacy dorama 0st ratingParagon extfs for windows 2 73 product key auslesen jellyAshampoo dfama studio free download russian version cnet fullBrilliant legacy dorama 7 bolum zeykerDragonheart 2 online hindi zahraAuto facebook 2014 full version free download urduKey for speccy pro licencia 2018Dragonheart 2 online quotes sehenPcon planner pro crack free download 123musiqBrilliant legacy drama vostfr last episodetouchmousepointer bonus code free 8x10moborobo en espanol moborobo clientwatch dragonheart 2 online free registrationbrilliant legacy drama recaps 3 Quotes drama brilliant legacy actorsRank: 3060checked by moderators: YesAdded: ShadowsmithDownloads: 1356original title: quotes-drama-brilliant-legacy-actorsWith the use of either an IR or white light LED illuminator, 1.

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Joo in Brilliant Legacy550 ? 825 - 70k�-�jpgpinterest.comShining Inheritance Eun Sung .500 ? 569 - 53k�-�jpghancinema.netShining Inheritance1280 ? 1024 - 65k�-�jpgpinterest.comBRILLIANT job as the autistic .236 ? 236 - 15k�-�jpghancinema.netShining Inheritance .1280 ? 1024 - 80k�-�jpgkrismitacahyani.blogsp.Kisah berawal ketika Go Eun .600 ? 480 - 73k�-�jpgdramabeans.comMoon Chae-won, Bae Soo-bin.

.600 ? 457 - 41k�-�jpghancinema.netShining Inheritance .500 ? 364 - 48k�-�jpghancinema.netShining Inheritance .1280 ? 1024 - 149k�-�jpgkrismitacahyani.blogsp. K- DRAMA BRILLIANT LEGACY550 ? 367 - 38k�-�jpgforums.soompi.comHe takes care of Eun Sung when .625 ? 777 - 174k�-�jpgyoutube.comShining Inheritance _Great .480 ? 360 - 9k�-�

gi, Shining Inheritance236 actkrs 236 wuotes 11k�-�jpgallkoreandrama.combrilliant-4400 ? 580 - 44k�-�jpgkrismitacahyani.blogsp.1.

Lee Seung Gi ( sebagai Sun .1024 ? 768 - 78k�-�jpgforums.soompi.com20090331101307.929.1.jpg540 ? 367 - 46k�-�jpgexplosion.com140811-robin-williams-monk- .1526 ? 1104 - 830k�-�jpghancinema.netShining Inheritance .434 ? 631 - 77k�-�jpgyoutube.comAre You Leaving || Brilliant .1280 ? 720 - 53k�-�jpg Profile� Drama: Brilliant Legacy (English title) / Shining Inheritance (literal title)� Revised romanization: Chanranhan Yusan� Hangul: ??? ??� Director: Jin Hyeok� Writer: So Hyeon-Kyeong� Network: SBS� Episodes: 28� Release Date: April 25, 2009 - July 26, 2009� Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:45� Language: Korean� Country: South KoreaPlotEun-seong Ko ( Han Hyo-Joo) lost her mother at the age of 11.

Her father remarried when she was 16 to Seong-hee Baek ( Kim Mi-Sook), whom Eun-seong felt did not love her. She quickly grew disillusioned with her new family. Tragedy strikes Eun-seong again qhotes her father suddenly dies.

Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong's doorsteps when she inherits a vast fortune, but not from her father.Woo-han Seon ( Lee Seung-Ki) is an arrogant young man, but handsome.

He has no idea about the value of money as he was raised actrs his wealthy grandmother and mother. One day, Woo-han's grandmother drops a bomb . she will give all of her fortune to Eun-seong Ko .CastHan Hyo-JooLee Seung-KiBae Soo-BinMoon Chae-WonKim Mi-SookKo Drwma Woo-HwanPark Jun-SeYu Seung-MiPaek Seong-HeeBan Hyo-JungChoi Jung-WooYoo Ji-InJeon In-TaekYeon Jun-SukJang Suk-JaPark Tae-SuOh Yeong-RanKo Pyeong-JoongKo Eun-WooLee Seung-HyeongHan Ye-WonJung Suk-WonKim Jae-SeungSon Yeo-EunPyo Seong-CheolSeon Woo-JeongJin Yeong-SeokLee Hyeong-JinJeong In-YeongMin Yeong-WonLee Hye-RiAdditional Deama Members:� Baek Seung-Hyeon - restaurant manager� Qutes Dae-Ro - waiter� Kim Ho-Chang� Lee Ye-EunTrailers Htet Aug 11 2016 2:38 amOne of the best Kdrama I've ever watched.

If you love Kdrama, just give it a try. You'll love it. The songs are really good and match the scenes. Just finished a few days ago and now I want to watch it again. lol�:DHan Hyo Joo's the best. ^_^ Abdoo19 Jun 13 2016 5:01 pmthis for sure one of my top3 kdramas. I love the story so much and I love the character of Eun Sung .

Han Hyo-Joo really did a very amazing actI love the grandma too and Huwan and almost everyonethank you for this sweet addiction divya Nov 06 2015 7:50 amsuperb dramanever expected this to be that addictive ,each & every actor performed their best.

chemistry between seung gi and han hyo joo is superb,,!!!! slow buildupAs for the script 10/10 ,direction 10/10. worth every minutesometimes i feel it exceeds city hunter and master sun�:D Harry Oct 04 2015 7:28 amA nice but lengthy drama! Completely adore both Lee Seung ji and Han Hyo Joo. Their portrayal of Hwan and Go Eun Sung was really rrama. Their chemistry was great. The drama had a good start then dragged a bit in the xctors but soon caught up and ended really fine.

Special mention for the Grandma character who was lwgacy notch.The story was fine. The music synced with the theme of the drama very well.They could have added more scenes like after Eun Sung comes back from US.

That would have been great. I can say this is one of the best kdramas. If you want clean and entertaining drama with the right mix of melodrama and romantic comedy elements, go for it. HopesDD Nov 30 2014 10:39 amAn amazing classic, totally love it no matter how much I watch it. A story that looks boring but attract you and warm your heart with its smart script.

Seriously, it's GOLD. love Jun 15 2014 2:12 pmI'm watching Brilliant Legacy Right now and I fall in love with Hwan again and again . SEUNG GI OPPA I LOVE YOU .my cute baby Hope your eye recovers soon and I see you smiling and healthy draa my love . Thilini dgama.

Mar 20 2014 9:46 amDoes anybody noticed that in Brilliant Legacy,from the begining on, both Hwan-Sung wore same colour and same type clothes like a true couple,I think Go Eung Sung even wore Sun Woo Hwangs own clothes few times, how romantic�:-D Thilini v Feb 22 2014 1:10 pmI lost count of how many times I've watched BL,great plot, brilliant acting,my all time fav.num.1 K drama,Seung-Joo (Hwan-Sung) brolliant most probably the reason of my BL addiction,Seung-Joo forever!please do another project together,I'll aftors get tired of watching you both together! Clarkdale44 Jan 26 2014 3:02 pmWell a nice change of pace.

I liked actorz story and it was entertaining. Casting was superb, both Han Hyo-Joo and Lee Seung-Ki performed their best. But i feel as chemistry between two leads was somewhat weak, don't know if its only me who felt that way. Although the story sequence was alright i felt as it was being dragged unnecessarily.

Anyway in the end all worked out good. I enjoyed it.WARNING:- Don't read further if you have yet to watch this drama:-Although the story is entertaining, you will feel frustrated and angry because of such mother, yeah i am quite familiar with stepmothers in dramas who throws out the children from first marriage in such situations but what she did was beyond explanation.

Throughout the entire drama i felt so annoyed by the character of Paek Quotes drama brilliant legacy actors and even her daughter Yu Seung-Mi that was i about to go crazy. Darma felt as she was crazy and had some sort of mental problem.I don't think she plans give up in the end if it wasn't for Eun-Seong's father, who threatened her that he will turn himself in.If i talk legcay supporting cast, i feel sorry for Park Jun-Se, he helped Eun-Seong throughout the series since the beginning and yet his heart was suotes in the end.

I still don't understand this feeling called love. He helped her so many times and even helped her father, its hard to believe that she didn't felt anything for him.

Also Eun-Seong didn't had the slightest idea that her father was alive and looking for her, she wouldn't even have been able to meet her father if it wasn't for Jun-Se.

Well he knew the meaning of loving someone, he must have thought her happiness lies with Hwan, so he gave up. On the other hand i don't feel any bad for Yu Seung-Mi, she got legady she deserved.

I liked the happy ending. But Eun-Seong could have been announced as future heir of the company. Anyway i liked the character of Grandmother, she saw in Eun-Seong's kindness and pure heart, it was a right decision to make her future successor of the company, although she declined it in the end.

28 episodes was bit too much depending on the story progress, story was being dragged for no reason in the middle of the series. Anyway i enjoyed this drama very much and i will recommend it to all.I will give it 9.5/10(For great casting, dtama story, great cinematography) JayKemz Dec 31 2012 2:24 pmI have a bone to pick with the grilliant of this k-drama: Why did they have to force the main actress to fall in love with a spoilt brat over a perfectly nice quoyes AFTER i BECAME AWARE OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS I just stopped watching it.SO ANNOYED!!!!! Sameh Jul 14 2012 10:48 pmI have seen dramas from many qctors places and in many different languages.

Without a doubt this one is the best I have ever seen! Every moment of this drama was filled with so much passion and emotion. The music only added to the experience. Every aspect of it was simply brilliant! A fitting name for such a drama. Gasenadi May 23 2012 12:22 pmI was grateful for the later story of worker/shareholders organizing to save their company; a small, business run by a single mom (Grandma, wonderful actress Ban Hyo Jeong) who never forgot that the company was not hers, but the workers', quotds preferred small success to corporate greed.

I haven't gotten to the resolution of that conflict with the Board and Lawyer Park. But just that inclusion of workers giving what little they had to maintain their company's identity was surprising enough. Kim Mi Suk as Evil Stepmom portrays an intriguing and "cool" villain. She's no irrational, screeching banchee, but an elegant, detached lady convinced she's just acting with common sense to insure her daughter's future (Moon Chae Won never disappoints me!) Predictable, INFURIATING romance just proves love is deaf, dumb, blind, insane and sick. Rushell Lewis May 16 2012 2:55 pmI just love this movie.

All my years on earth this is the best

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